A downloadable game for Windows

TRISQENTA is a rhythm game that will be focused on choosing the right colour and pressing a key. Is that so hard? Of course if you must do it in songs' rhythm.

There are 30 tracks divided in sections made by 3 different people. First section contains slow and calm tracks to learn how to play. The second one is filled with chiptune tracks that are faster and more complex. The last one is the hardest - electronic dynamic music ranged from 100 to 190 BPM.

I am really glad I made this thing and I want to thank HATEBIT and A Drop A Day musicians who provided free tracks to community.

HATEBIT Soundcloud and VK pages.

A Drop A Day Soundcloud and YT pages.

Also my twitter https://twitter.com/seravlac

And VK page https://vk.com/seravlac

I love you all <3

P.S. Do not close the levels while you playing if you want to save your score. It will be saved automatically when the level is done. Also "R" - quick restart!

Install instructions

If you don't want to install the game - download a ZIP file.

If you want to keep the game installed - download an EXE file.



Development log


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I'm finding it somewhat difficult on my screen to tell the difference between the four colours (including grey). Is there any chance of you making the diamonds larger, or giving an option to bump up the saturation, perhaps?

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I can give an opportunity to you to make them bigger. The thing is that hitbox will stay the same (it has the perfect size IMO and changing it will break the right rhythm-feeling). And yes, I can add an option to recolour diamonds, I just need a little bit of time :)

If you have any other suggestion, I would like to listen to them.

UPD: I'm sorry but I lost the final version of the game so I can't add those options. Meh.