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Major Update: STEAM LINK

Lofi Ping Pong is a rhythm game where you've got to hit the ball according to the songs' rhythm. The winning rule is simple - you have to reach the songs' end.

There are several modes which will make the game harder, but not all of them are in the demo now. This demo version will just have a short tutorial in the beginning and a free play mode where you can choose a track to play. Although you can't download your own tracks now, it will be available in the full game later.

The least interesting thing - story mode. It is now cut from the demo but also will be available later. Basically, it's just the chain of predetermined tracks and levels with a little bit of text (but it will be awesome, believe me).

For those who already played this demo. Orange tracks are those that will appear in the finished game, white ones will not (because I don't own them and I picked them just for this non-commercial demo). You can find links to all artists in the notepad file.

PLEASE leave a feedback. Bug reports/suggestions/your wet panties - I want it all here in the comment section. If you will record a video of you playing this game, it will be super-mega-awesome. Cheers!

Edit (01.02.19). Temp disabled the Demo build, will return it soon.

Edit (23.02.19). Returned the Demo. Sorry for the 366 MB, it's basically the full game with many features turned off. Don't have much time to really delete them from the game so Demo will be ~100 MB.

Install instructions

Unpack the ZIP file




LFPPDemo.zip 365 MB

Development log


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man, we arrived in March, what day are you going to launch it for mobile?

I dunno dude, I'm still making new game https://calvares.itch.io/kovox-pitch
and I think I'll finish it in another half a year. I got an opportunity to port it even on Switch, but I have to port it from Gamemaker to Unity which will be... kinda long
I can't promise it will be on mobile, but I do want it myself.

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have you thought about making this game for mobile?

(would be great) ;)

When I released it in March I was thinking about that but then other plans got on the way and mobile idea faded out. I am making new rhythm game now :)


I love the style and the music. Great game!


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i love it, are you planning to make it online? not only singleplayer?


Thanks! No, it will be only singleplayer. I wanted to make it online when I started developing it, but I am not sure that it is necessary. There will be online leaderboards tho. 

Honestly, I don't know how to do multiplayer stuff, but if the game will go viral (heh), I will learn how to make multiplayer and will do it in 1-2 months

leaderboards are enough, super cool!


can you make a discord server for the game fans?


Sure, I'll make one in couple of days :)


I really enjoyed playing the game. Two bugs that kept making me restart (which you can't do so I had to choose a new song) were:
Sometimes it would send two balls at once rather than one then the other, so I would be forced to miss and one of the balls would slowly float off screen while the timer continues at the top.  
Sometimes  the song would start while my character was walking on screen (not in position to receive yet) and I would miss. Rather than failing the music goes away and the camera slowly moves so I can't see the characters anymore.

Thanks for this reply! I did receive  the same bug reports so I'm working on them right now :)


I like the mood this has going, it's appropriately chill. A couple observations I had:

The count-off isn't in time with the song, this makes it hard to start playing and leads to a lot of false starts.

The, I'm just gonna call them "timing squares" should be a bit brighter, as they're hard to see and kinda blend into the background. I would think a lot of people would focus entirely on these squares because they let you know your exact timing, which means Darkness mode is easier than it should be. 

Similarly, the effects for wind direction are easy to miss. Having the effect maybe last a bit longer or stand out more, i.e. with color effects, would make them easier to spot. (Take this with a grain of salt, I know I can get tunnel vision in these types of games) The sound cue you have for wind is much appreciated, though. It's just that I wish I could react in time.

I don't think wind should take effect on the first beat of the song. It's hard to predict and also leads to a bunch of false starts.

On the other hand, Wind becomes easier to deal with when you look at the entire board, but because the player can't really look in two places at once, then they're losing out on their timing information (again, gain of salt, tunnel vision)


Thank you very much for this reply. I'll check the count-off math again. I think I played it alone for too long and can't see the difference now, heh. I was already told today that those squares are too transparent, I'll fix that too.

It is a great point on wind effect. I think I'll just make it happen earlier (before the ball changes the direction) and make the last longer. But I don't understand about colour, I thought big white arrows on purple background are perfect ;d


Hi, your game is very cool, I like the music a lot ! It's difficult but in a good way, so congrats !

Check out my game, i'm a new programmer and i'd like to know what people think of my works :)

Hi, thank you for the reply, I'll check your stuff later :)